Masaryk University Development

Development of the Material and Technical Base (2002–2010)

Masaryk University has recently undergone a period of dynamic development, accompanied by an expansion of its infrastructure. In the 2002 to 2010 period, university infrastructure development took place primarily under the Development of the Material and Technical Base of Masaryk University programme, i.e. programme 233 330 adopted by government decree No. 230 (27 February 2002) and subsequently adjusted by government decree No. 986 (20 July 2005). Overall programme expenditures amounted to 256 million EUR (6.4 billion CZK).

TThe development programme comprised the renovation and modernization of existing university buildings in the historical downtown area of Brno (for more information see Reconstruction of Historical MU Buildings, Sub-Programme No. 233 333) as well as a project unique in the entire Czech higher education environment: the construction of a new campus complete with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities in Brno Bohunice (for more information see Construction of the University Campus at Bohunice, Sub-Programme No. 233 332).

Overall campus construction costs reached a total of 206.4 million EUR (5.1 billion CZK), of which 108 million EUR (2.7 billion CZK) were provided from the national budget via the Ministry of Education. Masaryk University obtained an additional 71 million EUR (1.8 billion CZK) from the national budget in repayable financial assistance, to be returned by the university in regular instalments from 2011 to 2030. The university obtained part of the resources necessary for securing state subsidies and repayable financial assistance through a purpose loan provided by the European Investment Bank amounting to 95 million EUR and repayable over a period of 25 years. The City of Brno contributed an additional 11.9 million EUR (300 million CZK), primarily utilized in expanding utility networks and technical infrastructure. Masaryk University itself likewise contributed to covering construction costs, investing a total of 15.7 million EUR (393 million CZK).

Current Projects

Construction projects undertaken within the framework of the university development programme were finalized in 2010; however, a number of new projects including the construction of additional buildings are new being prepared with the support of EU Funds – in particular, these include the construction of buildings designed for three scientific and research centres:

The university has also prepared the Centre for the Advancement of Research in Liberal Arts (link to a new windowCARLA) project, a large-scale renovation of existing Faculty of Arts buildings in the Brno city centre. The Faculty of Informatics complex will also expand, with the Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in ICT (CERIT) scheduled for opening by 2014.

TIn addition to projects in the city of Brno, Masaryk University has also managed to complete the renovation of University Centre Telč: finalized in 2011, the comprehensive restoration was carried out with the support of Norway grants. At the time, the project formed the most extensive undertaking of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Housing and Services

An entirely new district complete with urban infrastructure is developing in the immediate vicinity of the University Campus Bohunice. While the Campus Square area – providing a range of services including shops and restaurants – was opened in 2008, student and staff accommodation facilities are currently being built in the Campus Residential Area and are scheduled to open during the 2012/2013 academic year.

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