Campus Construction: Preparation

Urban planning – architecture competition (Czech only)

Building Site Planning, Project Preparation, Building Procedures

(Status Report: January 20, 2011)

The Preparation of the campus construction, including the building plan revisions and building site decisions, has been completed. Likewise, planning permissions for the buildings of all construction stages and phases were issued and took legal effect by 2010. In subsequent years, the documentation for the selection of general contractors of all campus construction stages and phases was processed.

Masaryk University aimed to acquire financial means from the EU Structural Funds for the purpose of funding the completion of the B and C phases of the Yellow Stage (projects CETOCOEN, CEITEC and BIOREDUC), which were excluded from the campus construction programme by the Czech Republic government resolution No. 916 issued on 23 July 2008. Consequently, projects CETOCOEN, CEITEC and BIOREDUC were excluded from the programme 233 330 and the construction was, therefore, financed from the different resources. Due to the EU funding conditions of use and MU current requirements, the building plan of the campus completion and its documentation was revised. Masaryk University aims to finalize the completion of the construction by 2012.

Delivery system

All buildings/stages/phases of campus construction were implemented as general deliveries in combination with direct deliveries of interior equipment, orientation system components, selected information system components, audiovisual equipment and special instrumentation. Deliveries were assigned in accordance with currently applicable public tendering regulations. With the exception of selected direct deliveries in the E and F phases of the green construction stage (AVVA), all deliveries taking place under the Programme 233 330 were finalized by the end of 2009.