University Campus Bohunice Construction

Sub-programme 233 332

Virtuální prohlídka kampusu

Sub-programme 233 332 includes the renovation of the Morphology Centre as well as the construction of the University Campus Bohunice; the renovated Morphology Centre is naturally integrated into the university campus itself.

The University Campus Bohunice covers a total of 42,200 m2 of both educational and research facilities. ... more

Both the educational activities as well as the biomedical research benefit from close cooperation with the neighbouring Faculty Hospital Brno, one of the largest faculty hospitals in the Czech Republic, as well as the Incubator for Biotechnology (INBIT) built by the South Moravian Regional Authority on UCB grounds. Cooperation with commercial developmental and innovative activities in facilities located west of the UCB is also expected to being shortly.

An additional ca. 40 acres in the immediate vicinity of the new University Campus have been set aside for urban infrastructure, most importantly a new shopping centre complete with various catering services: Campus Square. Planned development includes accommodation facilities for MU students and employees, catering and business enterprises, and facilities for sports and socialising. The grounds will be eventually aesthetically completed by a new botanical garden of the Faculty of Science.