Reconstruction of MU Historical Buildings

Sub-programme 233 333

Masaryk University is currently implementing an extensive programme focusing on the reconstruction and modernization of existing university buildings in the historical downtown area of Brno. Running parallel to the construction of a new university campus, the entire project – implemented under programme 233 330 “Development of the Material and Technical Base of Masaryk University” – is expected to cost a total of CZK 1.3 billion. The programme includes an extensive reconstruction of the buildings themselves, renovation of technological infrastructure and reconstruction of teaching, laboratory and additional facilities as well as the modernization of laboratory equipment and IT and audiovisual technology.

Implementation of Reconstruction Programmes

Various preliminary projects and international tenders took place prior to construction (fully launched in 2003).

Morphology Centre

The Morphology Centre, i.e. the first completed facility of the new Masaryk University Campus at Bohunice, was handed over to the Faculty of Medicine by the end of 2003 (general contractor: Unistav, a.s.; chief designer: A Plus Brno, a.s.).

Faculty of Social Studies Building on Joštova Street

Following the completion of project documentation (chief designer: link to a new windowArchDesign – Ateliér DOS, s.r.o. ) relevant to the reconstruction of the new Faculty of Social Studies building, previously used by the Faculty of Medicine, link to a new windowŽS Brno, a.s. was selected as general contractor in the third quarter of 2003. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Medicine moved the departments affected by the reconstruction into temporary spaces in Tomešova Street. The renovated building in Joštova Street was approved for occupancy on 14 July 2005 and subsequently handed over to the Faculty of Social Studies; the grand opening took place on 19 September 2005.

Faculty of Science Complex on Kotlářská Street

The first construction stage, divided into a total of four phases, was launched in 2003. The public tender for the complete reconstruction of two facilities housing the geosciences (including the relevant utility systems and site planning) was awarded to link to a new windowKomfort, a.s. All large-scale construction was carried out – according to plan – before the end of 2003; both facilities were subsequently handed over to their occupants prior to the opening of the 2004 spring semester. Project documentation and all preliminary work relevant to the second construction stage, i.e. reconstruction of the remainder of the complex – including the completion of the information and study centre construction – was likewise finalized before the end of 2003. (A public tender was announced and awarded to Radko Květ and link to a new windowKovoprojekta Brno a.s. for the architectural design of the information centre and the reconstruction of the existing buildings respectively.) The reconstruction of the entire Kotlářská Street complex was launched in October 2004 with ŽS Brno, a.s. as general contractor.

Faculty of Informatics Lecture Halls Construction Finalized

The construction of a large lecture hall (D3), situated above the existing D1 and D2 lecture rooms (which likewise underwent a partial reconstruction) in the Botanická Street complex, was carried out in 2003. The project, developed by architect P. Davídek, was subsequently implemented by link to a new windowPSJ Brno, spol. s r.o.

Reconstruction of the Roof of the Faculty of Law Building

The reconstruction of the roof of the Faculty of Law building on Veveří Street 70, carried out outside the scope of the financing provided within the framework of Programme 233 330, began in October 2004 and was successfully finalized in March 2005 (contractor: link to a new windowKALÁB-stavební firma, spol. s r.o.).

Equipment Purchases

Under the provisions of Sub-Programme 233 333, equipment purchases (including all machinery and other equipment) between 2002 and 2008 amounted to a total of CZK 200.7 million.