Cooperation in 2007

Open Day

Five faculties of Masaryk University joined the Special Open Day. It took place on Friday 9 November at the following faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Social Studies and Faculty of Sports Studies (here the Open Day took place on 23 November). The Faculty of Economics and Administration organized a similar programme for several classes of their partner schools called One Day at University. The university was visited by some thousand students/applicants interested in studying at MU. As part of the programme there was not only information about the entrance exams and various possibilities of studying at particular faculties but also an accompanying programme which offered its visitors interesting lectures and tours around the university premises – specialized laboratories, libraries, etc.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání

A seminar for school counsellors in Šlapanice

A meeting which took place on 15 – 16 November 2007 in the University Centre Šlapnice was attended by 14 school counsellors from our partner secondary schools. The seminar called „Teacher-student, student-teacher“ provided the school counsellors an opportunity to learn about recent research and new procedures when they are dealing with issues such as extremely talented children, anorexia, bullying, etc. The seminar also enabled the counsellors to discuss and exchange experiences from their everyday work. Another goal of the seminar was to inform about entrance exams at MU.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání

Presentation of Masaryk University students at different secondary schools

Also the year 2007 saw couples of Masaryk University students taking part in a project where secondary school students in the partner schools are being informed about studies at MU, the fields to study and what the student life in Brno is like. The couples were formed by students from different faculties in order to provide the prospective students with better information about more fields.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání

Specialized lectures given by MU teachers at secondary schools

The number of specialized lectures which the MU teachers offered to the partner schools had reached 300 in 2007. The partner schools could choose from a wide range of topics which reflects a broad selection of study fields and research at the whole university.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání

Printed bulletin about Partnership in education

Compared to 2006 when there was a special supplement of the magazine published, in 2007 an independent bulletin came out in an edition of 7000 copies and was distributed to partner schools and for the university´s and the faculties´ own use.

Bulletin about Partnership in education (Czech only)

Expert consultation for students of partner secondary schools

In the year 2007 the Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Science offered students consultations when researching professional problems at secondary school expert activity (SOČ) and secondary school olympiads. About thirty students took advantage of this opportunity.

Statistics of success among secondary school graduates

MU sent the partner schools statistics of success among their graduates who took part at the entrance exams to MU for the academic year 2007/2008 same as the statistics of the total number of partner school´s graduates who became MU students. In addition statistics of success among all applicants and number of actual students at university divided according to faculties were included in the report.

Specialist events for talented students

Masaryk University and the Faculty of Science offered selected talented students from the partner schools an opportunity to take part in some of the specialized activities. Considering the more individual approach to these activities only a few individual students from the partner schools were involved in the project.

A competition called „Physics Circus“ was organized for talented students of physics and it was open to all interested. Its goal was promotion of physics in a fun and enjoyble competitive way with direct engagement of secondary school students.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání

During the „Biology Week“ and „Physics Days“ the selected students. accompanied by their teachers from the Faculty of Science. took part in the arranged specialist programme.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání

Electronic newsletter

In June and November 2007 and in February 2008 the partner schools were sent electronic newsletter which included information about the studies, news at MU, dates for Open Days or activities of MU intended for general public.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání

Presentation of MU in the partner schools

Presentation of the university in the partner schools is also part of the cooperation between MU and the secondary schools. The partner schools inform about the project Partnership in Education on their webpages. The schools inform their students about events organized as part of this project by hanging up materials on their notice boards.

Presentation of the partner secondary schools on the MU webpage

The partner secondary schools are presented on One can find a list of all the secondary schools taking part in this project same as links to their webpage and also an overview of recent cooperation.

Annual conference of the partner schools´ headmasters with the MU authorities

The closing event in 2007 was an annual conference of the partner schools´ headmasters with the MU authorities which took place on 30 November 2007 on the premises of a baroque refectory which is connected to the Augustinian cloister and Mendel´s museum (in 2007 it became a part of MU). The cooperation between the schools and MU in 2007 was resumed at the conference and other possibilities for the future were foreshadowed. Among others lectures about evaluation of the higher education quality were arranged. MU was represented by the rector Petr Fiala, the prorector for strategy and internal relations Mikuláš Bek, the analyst for monitoring quality Soňa Basovníková, the researcher Markéta Tikalová and the coordinator of the project Michal Vičar.

Partnerství ve vzdělávání  Partnerství ve vzdělávání