Arna Nováka 1 - Faculty of Arts

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Arna Nováka 1 – 1960s

The building was constructed in 1959-1961 in a location which was already in the 1920’s intended for the final construction of the Faculty of Arts. The County Projection Institute for City and Village Construction in Brno was the designer of the building; the execution of the project was commissioned to the Structural Engineering Brno. The new building was designated partly for the Faculty of Arts, partly for the Rector’s Office which was at that time provisionally moved into the Faculty of Medicine building on Komenského nám. Moreover, part of the project was the construction of several central garages and a shelter CO for 150 people. Janáček’s Archive was included in the project design – its heir is the Faculty of Arts, stated in the testament. The archive was, however, provisionally placed in The Moravian Museum. Therefore, the initial intention to place the archive within the Faculty of Arts was not accomplished. Since 1990, the year the Rector’s Office gained its new seat, the building has been used solely by the Faculty of Arts.

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