1905 Demonstrations in favour of a second Czech university take place in Brno
1908 Count Václav Kounic donates his Brno mansion to needy Czech university students
1919 Masaryk University established in Brno by Act No. 50/1919 Coll.; founding faculties: Law, Medicine, Arts, Science
1919 Formal inauguration of studies at Masaryk University in Brno
1924 President T. G. Masaryk visits the university for the first time
1925 First Masaryk University honorary doctorate is awarded to composer Leoš Janáček
1928 Foundation stone of the Faculty of Law building laid: the first building of the proposed Academic quarter
1935 President T. G. Masaryk presents the Rector’s chain to Rector Jan Krejčí at his residence in Lány
1938 University insignia are presented to MU representatives led by Rector Arne Novák thanks to contributions made by many associations and sponsors
1939 All Czech universities closed down by the Nazis
1942 Mass execution of MU teachers in Mauthausen
1945 University reopens following the end of WWII
1946 Faculty of Education established
1950 Faculty of Law dissolved
1952 Pharmaceutical Faculty established (dissolved in 1960)
1960 Masaryk University renamed to Jan Evangelista Purkyně University
1969 Faculty of Law re-established
1979 Institute of Computer Science established
1990 University renamed to Masaryk University in Brno
1990 Faculty of Economics and Administration established (teaching launched in 1991)
1994 Faculty of Informatics established
1994 Grand opening of MU Rector’s Office at the Kounic Palace
1995 Honorary doctorate awarded to Václav Havel, then President of the Czech Republic
1997 Faculty of Social Studies established (teaching launched in 1998)
2002 Faculty of Sports Studies established
2004 Construction of the University Campus at Bohunice launched
2004 International Institute of Political Science established, subsequently associated with the Faculty of Social Studies in 2011
2005 University Centre Telč established, renovation finalized in 2011 with the support of EEA and Norway Grants
2005 University renamed to Masaryk University
2006 Gregor Johann Mendel Antarctic Station established
2007Mendel Museum becomes a component part of MU
2009link to a new windowCEITEC MU established as an independent Masaryk University institute (part of the Central European Institute of Technology)
2010 Grand opening of the University Campus Bohunice (UCB)