Rector's Awards

The Rector's Awards are announced annually in several categories. They are presented in recognition of the activities of university students and employees. Award proposals are submitted by the heads of MU constituent parts, winners are selected by the Rector of MU. The presentation of the Rector's Awards is governed by MU directive No. 7/2015, the link to a new windowMasaryk University Rector's Awards Statute.


2016 Rector's Awards

Rector's Award for Outstanding Creative Activity

  • Prof. Mgr. Jiří Macháček, Ph.D., Faculty of Arts
    An Dyje und Notte im Mittelalter: Vergleichende archäologische Untersuchungen zu Sozial- und Siedlungsstrukturen im westslawischen Raum (6. bis 13. Jahrhundert). Bonn: Habelt-Verlag, 2015. 351 s. Studien zur Archäologie Europas 25. ISBN 978-3-7749-3786-4.

Rector's Award for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis

  • Ing. Bc. Martin Machay, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics and Administration
  • RNDr. Tomáš Slanina, Ph.D., Faculty of Science

Rector's Award for the Best Students in Doctoral Programmes

Rector's Award for the Best Students in Master's Programmes

  • Bc. David Klaška, Faculty of Informatics
  • MUDr. Lukáš Mach, Faculty of Medicine
  • Bc. Monika Stanková, Faculty of Science

Rector's Award for an Outstanding Sports Performance

Rector's Award for Outstanding Artistic Activity

Rector's Award for Long-term Excellence in Research

Rector's Award for Outstanding Research Results Achieved by Young Scientists under 35

Rector's Award for Extraordinary International Grant Competition Results

  • JUDr. David Kosař, Ph.D., LL.M., J. S. D., Faculty of Law

Rector's Award for the Active Development of Civil Society