RNDr. Daniel Klimeš, Ph.D.

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Faculty/InstituteInstitute of Biostatistics and Analyses
Department/DivisionInstitute of Biostatistics and Analyses (detail)
Job classificationassistant professor
Office numberIBA-4.p
 (Netroufalky 797/5, Bohunice, Brno)
E-mailklimes@ibadotmunidotcz, klimes@scidotmunidotcz
Faculty/InstituteFaculty of Medicine
Department/DivisionInstitute for Biostatistics and Analyses of the Faculty of Medicine
Job classificationassistant professor
Personal information
Personal identification11180 (personal university number (UCO))
Personal URLhttp://www.muni.cz/iba/people/Daniel.Klimes, http://www.muni.cz/med/people/Daniel.Klimes
Internal informationauthenticated link to a new windowInet MU, authenticated link to a new windowIS MU, www.muni.cz