Prof. RNDr. Ivan Holoubek, CSc.

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Field of study: Ecology

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Renata Biela (graduate 1999)
  • Luděk Bláha (graduate 1999)
  • Pavel Čupr (graduate 1999)
  • Petr Hekera (graduate 1999)
  • Pavel Kořínek (graduate 1999)
  • Michal Škoda (graduate 1999)
Field of study: Environmental Chemistry

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Alena Ansorgová (graduate 2003, topic: New Type of Organic Pollutants in the Environment)
  • Jitka Bezchlebová (graduate 2007, topic: Ecotoxicology of soil invertebrates: earthworms, enchytraeids and collembolans)
  • Michal Bittner (graduate 2007, topic: Ecotoxicological aspects of humic substances)
  • Jitka Černohlávková (graduate 2009, topic: Effects of selected environmental pollutants on soil microbial community in laboratory and field studies)
  • Alice Dvorská (graduate 2008, topic: Methods to evaluate the distribution of organic pollutants in the environment)
  • Kamila Dvořáková (graduate 2000)
  • Andrea Fořtová (graduate 2002, topic: Detoxification of halogenated aliphatic compounds by Mycobacteria)
  • Klára Hilscherová (graduate 2000, topic: Fate and effects of hydrophobic organic contaminants in aquatic ecosystem)
  • Jakub Hofman (graduate 2003, topic: Research of the soil microorganisms at the biomass-, process-, and community - levels)
  • Kateřina Chramostová (graduate 2003, topic: The study of mechanisms of nongenotoxic carcinogenesis in model cell lines in vitro)
  • Jaroslav Janošek (graduate 2006, topic: In vitro toxicology of new xenobiotics - the role of nuclear receptors)
  • Radovan Kareš
  • Klára Kobetičová (graduate 2011, topic: Effects and risks of contaminants for enchytraeids in soil environment)
  • Jiří Komprda (graduate 2011, topic: Modelling of environmental distrubution of persistent pollutants)
  • Jana Koptíková (graduate 2000)
  • Petra Kosubová (graduate 2004, topic: Chiral compounds in the environment - study of toxaphene)
  • Pavel Krčmář (graduate 1999)
  • Zuzana Paschová (graduate 2000, topic: Development of techniques for routine analyses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil samples)
  • Petr Pavliš (graduate 2008, topic: Interactive software tools for the assessment of stressors effects in the environmental monitoring)
  • Zbyněk Prokop (graduate 2001, topic: not yet specified)
  • Petra Přibylová (graduate 2005, topic: Determination of chlorinated paraffins in the Czech environment)
  • Petra Růžičková (graduate 2007, topic: Experimental study of environmental processes)
  • Marie Skybová (graduate 2007, topic: Tropospheric Pollutants Transport and Transformation Research)
  • Ivana Sochová (graduate 2007, topic: Using nematodes for POPs effect research on receptores in soil environment)
  • Michal Škarek (graduate 2007, topic: Assessment of genotoxic potency and risks of compounds associated with the suspended particulate matter in the air)
  • Roman Šmíd (graduate 2006, topic: Information and data base for ecological risk assessment)
  • Helena Zahradníčková (graduate 2007, topic: The development of analytical methods for the study of biologically active compounds. New methods for chiral analysis of amino acids)
  • Eva Zubrová (graduate 2003, topic: Response of Plant to Fluoranthene in Environment)

consultant of doctoral students

  • Miroslav Brumovský (topic: Emerging contaminants in remote marine waters.)
  • Libor Jaša (topic: Development, optimization and application of passive samplers in monitoring of cyanobacterial toxins)
  • Pavel Rotter (topic: Importance and assessment methods of diffuse forest soil pollution)