Cybernetic Proving GroundKYPO Project

The KYPO - Cyber Exercise & Research Platform (KYPO) project aims to create a unique environment for research and development of new methods to protect critical infrastructure against cyber attacks. A developed virtualized environment will be used for simulation of complex cybernetic attacks against critical infrastructure and analyze their behavior and impact on the infrastructure. The KYPO will serve for research and development of new security tools and methods. In addition, it will be used for educating members of security teams.


Project Goals

  • Configuration and Monitoring of the KYPO. The goal covers following topics: Configuration of security scenarios including that of host computers, network connections, simulated attacks and virtual environment monitoring using IP flow. Creation, collection and evaluation of network traffic of the critical infrastructure. Detection of cyber-threats and attacks on the critical infrastructure inside the polygon.
  • Visualization of the KYPO Environment. Following topics are covered: Visualization of processes and events in critical infrastructure, which is used to improve detection of anomalies and security threads. Visualizations used in dynamic interaction with the user. Performance optimizations and smooth visualization of large amounts of data.
  • Scenario of security threats to the critical infrastructure. Selected security scenarios are simulated in order to prove the functionality of designed solution. The data acquired from KYPO monitoring are automatically processed and forwarded for further forensic investigation. Further, sample security scenarios are developed to be granted to third parties for training.

Notable Project Results