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GSIP - An Alternative Web Services Invocation Protocol

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Originální název:GSIP - An Alternative Web Services Invocation Protocol
Autoři:Ondřej Krajíček, Petr Holub
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Klíčová slova:web services; SOAP

Generic Service Invocation Protocol (GSIP) aims to provide an alternative communication infrastructure for applications based on the Web Services technology. It is designed for environments where traditional SOAP based approach imposes drawbacks on performance and scalability, leads to wasting resources and/or processing power. Such problems may emerge in various environments, e. g. large-scale information systems, Grid computing, high-performance or mobile computing applications. The GSIP is designed to address the shortcomings, by introducing service-specific invocation models and corresponding infrastructure and by using alternative data encoding schemes. This allows for extensibility and implementation of several more advanced modes of operation as well, such as publisher/subscriber, producer/consumer etc. publisher/subscriber communication model. We present the GSIP design and architecture, some performance studies and some implementation and deployment scenarions.