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Automated Processing of TeX-Typeset Articles for a~Digital Library

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Original title:Automated Processing of TeX-Typeset Articles for a~Digital Library
Author:Michal Růžička
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Price:300,00 CZK
Publisher within MU:Faculty of Informatics
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Original language:English
Field:Documentation, library studies, information management
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Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:TeX; publishing system; digital mathematical library; DML-CZ; metadata

Experience in setting up a comprehensive journal processing system based on the TeX typesetting system with the CEDRAM workflow is described, following the example of the Archivum Mathematicum journal. The system automates the preparation of issues and simultaneously generates the materials needed for the Czech Digital Mathematics Library project (DML-CZ). The second part of the article describes the process of transformation of archival born-digital articles into a DML-CZ-suitable format.

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