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Chuck Norris botnet detection plugin

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Original title:Chuck Norris botnet detection plugin
Authors:Tomáš Plesník, Michal Trunečka, Pavel Piskač, Jan Vykopal, Pavel Čeleda
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Citation:PLESNÍK, Tomáš, Michal TRUNEČKA, Pavel PISKAČ, Jan VYKOPAL a Pavel ČELEDA. Chuck Norris botnet detection plugin. 2010.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
WWW:Webová stránka s instalačním balíčkem
Keywords:Chuck Norris; NetFlow; detection; plugin; NfSen

Chuck Norris botnet detection plugin for NfSen collector periodically analyses NetFlow data. The plugin provides output of detection methods aimed at botnet behaviour during its lifecycle: port scanning from infected hosts outside the local network, scanning from infected hosts in the local network, communication with the botnet distribution and control servers, and DNS spoofing.

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