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Modelling of part medium access methods in the HomePlug

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Original title:Modelling of part medium access methods in the HomePlug
Authors:Martin Koutný, Jiří Mišurec, Petr Mlýnek, Karel Slavíček
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Original language:English
Type:Article in Periodical
Keywords:HomePlug; TDMA; CSMA/CA; modeling of backoff function; Markovs proceses

This paper introduces the modeling of HomePlug technology which it is the most extended broadband technology for powerline networks. First, the HomePlug technology and its medium access function is introduced. Then the CSMA/CA algorithm parameters of HomePlug are analyzed. The results show that the parameters of this algorithm should be skipped for analytical modelling. Therefore the one parameter analytical model has been created and is introduced. The results from this model are compared with simulations of HomePlug at the end of this work.

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