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Software Protection - A Comparative Perspective

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Original title:Software Protection - A Comparative Perspective
Authors:Josef Donát, Martin Maisner, Radim Polčák, Jaromír Šavelka, Matěj Myška, Tereza Kyselovská
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Citation:DONÁT, Josef, Martin MAISNER, Radim POLČÁK, Jaromír ŠAVELKA, Matěj MYŠKA a Tereza KYSELOVSKÁ. Software Protection - A Comparative Perspective. 1. vyd. München: Medien und Recht, 2012. 266 s. MUR. ISBN 978-3-939438-15-1.Export BibTeX
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Original language:English
Field:Law sciences
Keywords:software law;ICT law;intellectual property

The book analyzes and discusses various aspects of legal protection of software from the point of view of various European, American, African, Asian and Australian jurisdictions.