Team Cymru logo We cooperate with the link to a new windowTeam Cymru to identify and eliminate machines and computers in the MU network infected by various kinds of malware.

We also share and analyze data collected from honeypots which we run in the MU network.


TERENA logo Since we are an accredited member of the link to a new windowTrusted Introducer organization, we cooperate with other (not only) accredited CSIRT teams in the link to a new windowTF-CSIRT community.

Our goals in this field:

  • to share real life experience,
  • to enhance communication between CSIRT teams,
  • to coordinate incident resolution in case of large and multi-domain computer security incidents.


CESNET-CERTS We actively cooperate with the authenticated link to a new windowCESNET-CERTS team, the security team of the academic network CESNET2. We exchange not only detected threats in both networks, we also share our working techniques and experiences from our daily work.

National Security Authority

logo NSA We cooperate with the link to a new windowNational Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part of the link to a new windowNational Security Authority, in response to various cyber security threats. Together, we use our experience to educate experts in IT and network security.


logo INVEA-TECH, a. to a new windowINVEA-TECH is a university spin-off company focused on development of professional solutions for high-speed network applications. The team CSIRT-MU uses its FlowMon probes and other utilities to do 24/7 monitoring of the MU network. We also participate in development of security plugins and actively contribute to the INVEA-TECH Community program.