Report security incident

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How to report a computer security incident

  • E-mail csirt@munidotcz or web form (Czech only) are the primary contacts to report an incident.
  • When reporting an incident use your university e-mail account, if you have any.
  • Always provide following information, if possible:
    • Your identity (e.g., your name, UČO),
    • brief, but sufficient issue description,
    • domain name of the infected computer and an incident type (e.g., phishing, spam, copyright infringement),
    • any other useful data related to the incident attached to the report.
    • In case of incidents regarding electronic mailing (e.g., phishing) provide also the original offending message including complete headers.
  • Reported security incidents are processed in working days from 9:00 to 16:00.
  • Out of working hours or when it is not possible to report an incident via e-mail, you can always report an incident via phone number +420 549 49 4242, which is operated 24/7.

What is a computer security incident?

  • Security or availability of computer network is in danger (DoS, brute-force attacks, scanning, etc.).
  • Attacks against users and services in university network (e.g., phishing, e-mail scams).
  • An IT security threat/danger concerning more than one faculty or other similar part of the university.

What is not a computer security incident?

  • When your anitvirus software detects infected file(s).
  • Receiving of unsolicited e-mails in "usual amount".
  • When you can not login to a computer at MU.
  • "Funny" behaviour of your computer.
  • Stealing of IT accessories including important data (this covers USB flash drives, portable hard-drives, etc.).