Data Storage

ICS provides network attached storage to individual workers in the area of science and research as well as to research groups. The storage is accesible over the network (using protocols CIFS/Samba and NFSv4) and over a web interface. From user's viewpoint, the network storage behaves like "another high capacity disk in the operating system".


A tape library is used to back up the storage regularly. It significantly decreases the risk of data loss in comparison to running ordinary local disks (taking into account hardware failures, force majeure, and accidental file deletion).

Amount of Data, Sharing Possibilities

The storage allows temporary and permanent storage of large data volumes. Requirements are discussed on an individual basis. Network attached storage enables sharing data within a user group. This is suitable for smaller cooperating teams.


Many network environments (outside the University network) block data necessary for network file systems. It is a common practice on airports, conferences, etc. authenticated link to a new windowVPN can be often deployed to access Masaryk University network storage. In cases of extremely hostile network environment preventing even VPN, we provide authenticated web interface access to the filesystem.

Data storage can be also linked with our web hosting.

Consultations in the area of data storage are available upon request.

Contact us: storage@icsdotmunidotcz