Economic and Administrative Information Systems

In the area of economic and administrative information systems, MU-ICS is primarily orientated to the design, implementation, integration, and administration of central information systems providing information services in economics, personnel and wages, science and research, technical and operational services, document management, and public relations. The systems are developed to support the needs of MU, as well as within external projects. MU-ICS administers several database, application and web servers, provides user support and user administration.

Information systems:

    • externally provided ERP system: we operate and integrate the economic information system Magion provided by Magion System, a.s.;
    • internet presentation systems: for MU we technically realize and operate the institutional internet presentation and a webhosting platform WebCentre (see, in Czech only, project pages, WebCentre), within an exteral project we technically realize and operate the internet presentation of the Czech Rectors Conference;
    • intranet information systems: for MU we realize and operate the intranet Inet MU ( including a range of subsystems (see, in Czech only, SUPO and SDP, ISEP, e-Documents, RT systems, EviSoft, DNS, ID cards), within an exteral project we technically realize and operate the union register of Czech university students

Projects orientated to conceptions, analyses, modelling and designs of information systems, see overviews of:

Consultancy, training and other basic support are provided in:

    • user requirements analysis and specification;
    • information and presentation user interfaces analysis and design;
    • data modelling and design (XML, relational databases - Oracle, MS SQLServer);
    • program solutions (VBasic, ASP and .Net, Java and JSP, XSLT);
    • data protection (secure data transfer protocols, PGP, application security, authentication provision in IS);
    • database, application and WWW servers administration (Oracle, MS SQLServer, WebLogic, Apache, MS IIS).

Contact:  is@icsdotmunidotcz