Masaryk University Computer Rooms

Who Are the Computer Rooms for?

University computer rooms are accessible to all Masaryk University students for their individual work and study. Users have access to their centrally saved files and documents in all computer rooms. Users have at their disposal a guaranteed number of applications such as text editors, language dictionaries, e-mail client, web page browser, mathematical calculations browser, visualisation of analytic mathematical calculations, CD burning, DVD players and, naturally, document editors.

After the termination or interruption of studies (i.e. at the end of an active relationship with MU), the user's account will be deactived within 24 hours. With an inactive account, it will not be possible to login to any of the PCs in University Computer Rooms. After 14 days of inactivity, the profile data will be stored in the depository of IS MU.

Maintenance of Computer Rooms

The operation of computer rooms is provided in co-operation with ICS and individual university faculties. The faculties provide the suitable place, operation and supervision of the computer rooms including the staff responsible for basic maintenance of the stations and for technical support according to ICS instructions. The ICS ensures computer service, software maintenance, applications installation, central users data storage and their backup, antiviral protection and safety, etc.

Also Available in Computer Rooms

Document printing is available in each computer room. Students can also connect their own computers into Masaryk University computer network - both wireless connection (Wi-Fi) and cable connection (Ethernet) is available in the computer rooms.

Apart from standard software applications, other software is installed in certain computer rooms which is only used by a narrow user group and licence purchase for all the computers would therefore be useless. Information on the equipment of individual computer rooms is available at these Internet pages.

Why Use the Computer Rooms?

University computer rooms offer a wide range of use of information technologies to Masaryk University students. Students can use the computer rooms equipment while working on their papers and projects, searching the information sources or printing documents. Students thus have access to modern technology which can be of a great help during their study.

Articles about Computer Rooms