How to log on the computers in the UCC

Use your password for Center Komenského also to log on computers in UCC. If it´s your first visit to UCC and you haven´t set your password yet, please do so on dedicated computers directly in UCC. It´s necessary to know one´s UIN (University Identification Number) and password for IS MU (Information University System). You can also set or change the password in user´s settings of IS MU at any time. It´s better to set the password before the first visit of UCC. So you could avoid waiting for computers dedicated for changing password.

Proceses on computer used for setting password

  2. Windows´ logon screen appears.

    Fill in:

    User Name: (Uživatelské jméno) student
    Password: (Heslo) student
    Log on to: (Přihlásit se k) UPS

    Setting up the secondary passwordSetting up the secondary password

    Press ENTER or click OK.

  3. The UCC web page appears.
    • Choose Změna hesla.(Password change).
    • fill your UČO into the first frame and the primarz password for IS MU into the second one .
    • Write down your new password for UCC into both following frames. You can choose it by yourself, but it should consist of 6-8 symbols (numbers or letters- no diacritics as ´, _, ~, °, ect.). Choose different password from that you use for IS MU.

    Setting the passwordSetting the password
    Press ENTER or click Uložit heslo (Save the password)

    IMPORTANT!!!! Wait for the confirmation message, that the password was saved. If it wasn´t admitted, try once more (fill in IS MU password and any other new password).

  4. Log off when you have finished your work (Start->Odhlásit uživatele student [log off user student] ->ano [OK]).

  5. Now you can continue on any other computer in UCC. For log on follow these instructions:

    User Name: (Uživatelské jméno) UČO
    Password: (Heslo) Password you have set for UCC
    Log on to: (Přihlásit se k) UCN

    Logging onto the computerLogging onto the computer

    Press ENTER or OK. Now you are logged on. You can start working now.

Next time you visit the UCC you can log on directly to any computer.

If there are any problems with accepting your password, check the language that the keyboard works with and the possible use of CAPS LOCK.