Working with a Web interface to control the press in the UCC

The web interface used for managing your printing is available at authenticated link to a new window

Use your password for IS to log in and choose the middle link

You can manage all your printing tasks from this interface. Any task sent to a printer is shown here. Check the status of the tasks - they should be signed as Přijato [Accepted] or Znovu zařazeno [Listed again]. You may cancel any task by deleting it from the list. If there is a message saying there is not enough money on your account, you have two possibilities. You can put some money to your account at the money machine or you can delete some files to be printed to reduce the number of pages. UCC attendants won't be deleting any tasks for you.

Descriptions of single sections follows:


Following the link, you will enter Searching task menu.

  • Uživatel/skupina [User/Group] - information about user
  • Datum od/ Datum do [From/ Till Date] - you can set time period in which all task sent to a printer will be displayed
  • Filtr [Filter] - Tasks displaying standards
    • Všechno [All] - all your tasks
    • K vytištění [For printing] - filter which shows tasks sent for printing
    • Tiskne se [In print] - printing is proceeding
    • Přijato [Accepted] - tasks which have not been printed yet
    • Vytištěno [Printed] - tasks which were already printed (can be send for printing again by clicking an icon for printing)
    • Znovu zařazeno [Listed again] - tasks which had already been printed and are sent for printing again
    • Stornováno [Cancelled] - tasks which have been cancelled
    • Zamítnuto [Rejected] - printing rejected by software
    • Nedostatek kreditu [Lack of credits] - all tasks send for printing cost more money than present on user's account
    • Chyba serveru [Server failure] - error on server (not your fault)
    • Chyba tiskárny [Printer failure] - error on printer - not caused by user
    • Chyba spooleru [Spooler failure] - error in the web interface
    • Narušení bezpečnosti [Security break]
    • Kopie [Copy]
    • Smazáno [Deleted] - file is deleted, couldn't be re-sent for printing
  • Vyhledávání úloh/Refresh [Task seeking/ Refresh] - use this button to display tasks which already have been sent

Tasks overview

  • Uživatel/Skupina [User/Group] - user's name (who sent the task)
  • Název úlohy [Task name] - file name
  • Status [Statute] - describes state of the task (see Filter)
  • Datum [Date] - date of sending
  • task history
  • task information
  • cancel the task
  • list again
  • logout