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Tap Rule: What to Do When Someone Makes Unauthorised Use of a Computer in an Overcrowded Computer Room:

If you are waiting for a vacant computer for the purpose of study, but the computer room is full and someone else is using the computer for playing games or is otherwise recklessly violating the Operating Regulations of the computer room, ask him/her to leave the computer. The person is obliged to give the place up. If the person refuses to do so, ask the computer room staff for help. They will help you to free the computer and they will punish the person for violating the Operating Regulations of the computer room.

Computer Rooms Log-in:

Students log in to the computers in the computer rooms through their UIN and the secondary password for IS MU. There are computers reserved especially for setting or changing this password in certain computer rooms. Students need to know their UIN and IS MU password to be able to set their secondary password. The IS MU secondary password can be set or changed at any time in IS MU user settings. Setting the password before your first visit of the computer room is recommended. Every student is obliged to read the Operating Regulations.

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