Operating regulations of MU Computer Rooms

Directive No. 7/2012

(in force as of 1 October 2012)

In accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on the Modification and Amendment of Other Acts (hereinafter referred to as "Higher Education Act"), I hereby issue this directive:

Section 1

(1)  The Masaryk University Computer Room Rules and Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) determine the manner of use of computer rooms at Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as “MU”). The provisions of Directive No. 6/2011 on Masaryk University Computer Network Administration and Usage are in no way affected by the provisions of these Regulations.

(2) For the purposes of these Regulations, an MU computer room (hereinafter referred to as "computer room") is defined as a computer room listed in the MU Computer Room Register (hereinafter referred to as "Register"). The computer rooms are either administered by an individual faculty, as indicated in the Register, or by the MU Institute of Computer Science (hereinafter referred to as "ICS"). The Register is proposed by the ICS director and approved by the Rector. Computer rooms administrated by an individual faculty are listed in the Register following the approval of a dean.

(3) Computer rooms are designated for use by MU students and employees.

(4) The authority over a computer room administered by the ICS or an individual faculty is held by the ICS director or a faculty dean.

(5) Computer room personnel (hereinafter referred to as "personnel") are MU employees entrusted by an authorized person with the supervision of computer room usage.

(6) The ICS director is responsible for providing professional guidance and methodological support.

Section 2
Computer Room Services

(1) Computer room services are provided in accordance with fulfilling MU educational and research objectives.

(2) Computer rooms provide the following services:

a) access to information resources and services via the MU computer network and the Internet,

b) access to shared applications installed on computer room workstations,

c) access to user data,

d) printing and copying services,

e) laptop computer stations.

(3) Computer room services are available at least 10 hours per day on weekdays, with the exception of holidays.

(4) Access to some services provided by computer rooms may be temporarily restricted. Restrictions are determined by an authorized person, although computer room personnel may also decide when necessary.

(5) The University Computer Centre (UCC), located at Komenského náměstí, provides faculties with computer room services – including e.g. machine processing of final state examination tests – according to available capacity with respect to the needs of individual faculties and UCC capability. MU units wishing to make use of UCC facilities must submit an electronic request at least 30 days in advance (see cps.muni.cz – UCC Reservations for more information). UCC management shall process the request (within 5 workdays) and either approve it or suggest modifications in case the request includes requirements incompatible with either UCC equipment or its mission. In case of a disagreement, the ICS director shall decide. Restricted UCC usage due to reservations must be communicated to users at least 7 days in advance.

Section 3
Computer Room Access

(1) All computer room users must be holders of a valid and fully functional identity card issued in accordance with Directive No. 2/2009 on MU Identity Cards. Identity cards are required on entering as well as at all times inside the computer room. User access to a computer room may be restricted pursuant to article 6. User authentication must be carried out exclusively using the user's own login and password.

(2) Users are required to respect the rules of conduct in a building housing a computer room.

(3) Users under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances are prohibited from entering a computer room.

Section 4
Computer Room User Rights and Obligations

(1) Computer room users have the right to:

a) make use of computer room services, with the exception of temporary restrictions (cf. section 2, subsections 3 and 5 and section 3, subsection 2) or in case a user is temporarily denied access to selected services (cf. section 6),

b) access no more than one computer per user inside the computer room; exceptions may be granted by personnel,

c) access to technical and methodological assistance as provided by computer room personnel,

d) appeal to authorized persons against measures taken by computer room personnel,

e) present suggestions to authorized persons: vice-rector for studies (students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes) or vice-rector academic affairs (all other users). Suggestions must be submitted either in written form or by email.

(2) Computer room users are obliged to:

a) acquaint themselves with and adhere to the Computer Room Regulations and associated MU directives,

b) follow instructions issued by personnel and information posted in computer rooms,

c) carry out only those activities which are in accordance with the misssion of the computer room (section 2, subsection 1 and 2), refraining from activities not associated with studies,

d) refrain from conduct which may be perceived as disturbing or limiting by other computer room users and/or disrupting with respect to computer room operation,

e) refrain from any manipulation of technical computer room equipment apart from connecting one’s own computer by permitted technical means in designated places,

f) ensure that activities carried out in the computer room do not pose a threat to the MU computer network, especially when connecting one’s own computer,

g) lock computers in use in case of a short absence (max. 10 minutes); long-term computer locking is prohibited,

h) immediately report any incidents disrupting computer room operation to computer room personnel,

i) refrain from consuming food or beverages inside the computer room; placing food or beverages on coumputer room equipment (printers, paper shredders, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

(3) Users connecting their own computers to the MU computer network are responsible for the operation of such computers.

Section 5

(1) Personnel are entitled to issue instructions ensuring efficient computer room operation. Such instructions come into force once they are posted in the computer room or published via the MU computer network. Computer room personnel are authorized to restrict entry to a computer room in case of overcrowding or impose temporary restrictions on selected services.

(2) Personnel are entitled to take action against individual users and implement measures necessary to ensure compliance with these regulations, other MU directives and instructions in accordance with section 1.

(3) Personnel are required to provide users with information essential for computer room use as well as technical and methodological assistance regarding computer room services.

(4) Personnel are not required to handle issues such as MU student and employee identity card validity or the technical aspects of identity card functionality. Personnel are authorized to withhold a user’s identity card for the period necessary for their identification; they are also authorized to retain a card in case of doubts regarding a card holder’s permissions.

(5) Personnel are required to remove any persons who failed to provide a valid MU identification card and/or have entered the computer room without their approval.

Section 6
Provisions on Violations

(1) Violations of these Regulations, MU directives associated with computer room operation or instructions issued by personnel (section 5, subsection 1) and decisions made by personnel (section 5, subsection 2) are subject to sanctions in accordance with section 2.

(2) Violations according to subsection 1 constitute grounds for personnel to implement the following restrictions:

a) refusal of designated computer room services for a maximum period of one month,

b) no access to a given computer room for a maximum period of one month,

c) no access to any computer rooms for a maximum period of one month.

(3) Users subjected to sanctions according to subsection 2, letters a) and b) may lodge an appeal against such a decision with an authorized person. Users subjected to sanctions according to subsection 2, letter c) may lodge an appeal with the vice-rector for studies (students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes) or vice-rector for academic affairs (all other users). A decision made by the vice-rector is final. Appeals must be submitted either in written form or by email. Appeals do not have suspensory effect.

Section 7
Joint Provisions

(1) Computer room operation may be monitored by CCTV cameras. Recordings are archived.

(2) The full text of these Regulations as well as information regarding computer room use must be posted in computer rooms and announced on the MU website by an authorized person.

Section 8
Concluding Provisions

(1) This directive replaces Rector’s directive No. 13/2005 on Masaryk University Computer Room Regulations.

(2) The vice-rector for information technology and the ICS director are responsible for the supervision of compliance with this directive.

(3) This directive enters into force on 1 October 2012.

In Brno on 25 September 2012 Mikuláš Bek