Connecting to Wi-Fi Network at MU


Wi-Fi network VPN is no longer available. Use of the network eduroam is recommended Users can also connect to new Wi-Fi network MUNI. Access to this network is managed using the web authentication.
  1. Introduction
  2. How can I get connected?
  3. Where can I get connected?
  4. Further possibilities of connection at MU
  5. The basics of security
  6. Assigned IP addresses

1. Introduction

All students and employees of Masaryk University can use  MU Wi-Fi network for connecting their portable devices to the  MU network and the Internet.
Before connecting to the wireless network reading  authenticated link to a new windowMasaryk University Computer Network Usage Rules is recommended.

2. How can I get connected?

The MU Wi-Fi network supports two different ways of connection. Users can choose either connection via Eduroam technology or web authentication.

Eduroam technology is the recommended way of connection.

Choose a wireless network

2.1. Eduroam

Users are authenticated immediately when accessing wireless network SSID eduroam (at Faculty of Informatics the name of the network is eduroam-FI) . For more information on eduroam network at Masaryk University  refer to link to a new window

Eduroam network has following advantages:

  • The possibility of connection in other connected organisations
  • The higher level of security

2.2. Web authentication

Web authentication should be used only in cases when it is not possible to connect to the eduroam network. 

Users connects to wireless network with name (SSID) MUNI. Access to the network itself is not authenticated. When connecting to the the first web page, the user is redirected to the logon form, where user has to autenticate using his UČO and secondary password. After the authentication user can access services of computer network and the internet without other restrictions.

 Web authentication has following advantages:

  • Easier configuration

Web authentication has following disadvantages:

  • Web authentication is only an emergency solution for cases, when it is not possible to connect to the eduroam network. 
  • Lower level of security
  • Some www browsers are not supported.


3. Where can I get connected?

VPN and Eduroam networks are available in following locations.

4. Further possibilities of connection at MU

Apart from the above mentioned ways of connection, users might meet with different ways of connection to a Wi-Fi network at different departments of MU. Following links refer to informative pages of individual faculties and departments, and specify the way of connection in individual locations.

5. The basics of security

Your computer connected to a network is exposed to the danger of computer viruses and warms. Three simple steps will increase protection of your computer.

I. Activate your personal firewall

Personal firewall is a software inserting a wall between your computer and potentially harmful content on the Internet. It restricts access to your computer to people as well as programmes according to a predefined set of rules. It helps to protect the computer from hackers, computer viruses and warms. Personal firewall is included in some operating systems. Correct configuration and activation is needed. However, quality firewalls offered free for non-commercial usage are available as well.

Notification for the Windows XP users!

Windows XP contains a service called Windows Firewall working as a personal firewall. No other firewall is necessary to be installed. This one is sufficient for common usage. You can activate it in the menu Start->Settings- > Control Panel->Windows Firewall

Activate your personal firewall

Choose the option On and in case of no experience with configuration of exceptions, click on Don´t allow exceptions.

II. Keep the operating system of your computer updated

Every system is permanently being developed and companies are releasing updates of their products  which solve existing security holes potentially used by hackers and computer viruses. Strictly keep your computers updated. In Windows XP automatic updates of operating system can be set up in the menu Start –> Settings->Control Panel –>Automatic Updates

Keep the operating system of your computer updated

III. Use antivirus software

Antivirus software is a programme which is provided preinstalled in a computer or which can be bought and installed. It helps to protect a computer from most viruses, warms, Trojan horses and other unwelcome visitors which can infect a computer. Viruses, warms and other similar programmes often carry out harmful operations such as deleting files, accessing personal data or using the computer for attacking other systems. link to a new windowAVG Antivirus, link to a new windowMicrosoft security or link to a new windowAvast Home Edition are available free for home and non-commercial purposes.


6. Assigned IP addresses

The following addresses are assigned to connected computers:

  • When connected via VPN (employees only)
  • When connected via eduroam and web authentication (SSID LAW-WPA available only at Faculty of Law) (SSID eduroam-FI at Faculty of Computer Science) (SSID eduroam-sci at Faculty of Science)

If you have any issues, uncertainties or queries, please contact us at pptp@icsdotmunidotcz.