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(Replace the string "...parameters..." with real parameters (see table below) in the form "parameter1=<value1>&parameter2=<value2>...")

Parameters used

mu_partidentification of a top-level organizational unit at MU (faculty, institute, rectorate, university-wide department)
departmentsix-digit identification code of MU department
from_recordfirst record to be displayed
semesterselected semester
in_languageselected language (only subjects in this language are displayed)
on_mu_partselected MU part (only subjects provided by this part are displayed)
order_byresults ordering

Abbreviations for MU constituent parts

AbbreviationMU constituent part
archUniversity Archives
ceitecCentral European Institute of Technology
ceritCentre for Education, Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies
cttTechnology Transfer Office
czsCentre for International Cooperation
econFaculty of Economics and Administration
fiFaculty of Informatics
fspsFaculty of Sports Studies
fssFaculty of Social Studies
ibaInstitute of Biostatistics and Analyses
icsInstitute of Computer Science
langLanguage Centre
lawFaculty of Law
medFaculty of Medicine
muzeuMendel Museum
pedFaculty of Education
philFaculty of Arts
pressUniversity Press
ptceitecCentral Management Structure of the CEITEC Project
rectRector's Office
sciFaculty of Science
skmAccommodation and Catering Services
teiresiasSupport Centre for Students with Special Needs
ucbManagement of the University Campus at Bohunice
uctUniversity Centre Telč