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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Language Centre, Faculty of Science Division

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Science in term spring 2014 is 17

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JAB02English for Biology II, in Czech
JAB04English for Biology IV, in Czech
JAZ02English for Geographers II, in Czech
JAZ04English for Geographers IV, in Czech
JAG02English for Geologists II, in Czech
JAG04English for Geologists IV, in Czech
JAC04English for Chemists IV, in Czech
JAC02English for Chemists II, in Czech
JAM02English for Mathematicians II, in Czech
JAM04English for Mathematicians IV, in Czech
JAF02English for Physicists II, in Czech
JAF04English for Physicists IV, in Czech
JA001Examination in English for Specific Purposes - Science, in Czech
JF001Examination in French for Specific Purposes - Science, in Czech
JR001Examination in Russian for Specific Purposes -Science, in Czech
JN001German for scientists - exam, in Czech
JS001Spanish for scientists - exam, in Czech