About us

The Language Centre is a pedagogical and research institution with public activities. LC arranges teaching foreign languages of non-philological fields of study at all MU faculties. It develops one’s knowledge of professional language and academic skills in selected languages, carries out the education of Latin and Latin terminology and arranges courses of rhetoric for MU students as well as Czech language for foreign students. It also organizes education of specialized courses in foreign language in cooperation with special workplaces.

Professors and foreign teachers focus on the particularities of professional languages and education of academic skills in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian at eight faculty departments of LC. The languages taught cover the fields of study in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies, both full-time and combined. Moreover, specialist terminology in Latin is taught at the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Arts. The LC also prepares courses of specialist Czech terminology for foreign students. Moreover, the Centre carries out integrated courses of language and specialist courses in cooperation with selected faculty departments.

An important part of the Centre is the multimedia language study room located in the MU Rector’s Office building. Materials and educational programmes relating to the deepening of one’s knowledge of language as well as foreign professional language are offered to students and personnel of Masaryk University. The study room affords a chance for individual and independent study beyond the terms of compulsory education.

The Centre has been a specialist guarantee for courses of Czech language for asylum seekers since 2004. In 2005, it followed this activity by taking part in projects of the Programme Initiative of the Community EQUAL. The Centre has cooperated in the long term with the Language Learning Centre of the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. Exchange lecture visits of professors of both universities take place regularly within the SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme. Moreover, cooperation in the field of science and research in new methods of education was established.

In 2005 a pilot project called Progress and Use of Videoconferencing Technique in English Lessons – a project taught simultaneously at both universities – was successfully accomplished. Presentations concerning professional topics and discussions between students of both universities by way of videoconference communication were part of this project. Therefore, these activities will be a vital element of the Language Centre in the following years.

Facts and Figures

  • We employ 80 permanently employed personnel. We further employ 31 external assistants.
  • The LC has 8 faculty departments.
  • In 2005, the staff of the LC took part in 4 projects.
  • During 2005, the LC issued 10 publications.