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Centre for International Cooperation

Every year about a thousand students go on study stays abroad with the help of MU, the length of which varies from a few weeks, to over one semester, to a full academic year. The programme which is used the most in Europe, albeit not the only means of student mobility, is the Erasmus programme, which allows students of MU to study at almost five hundred universities. Other programmes and bilateral agreements are also the basis for student exchanges with a number of universities in North and South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle and Far East. Through the Erasmus programme, there is also the possibility of undertaking work placements in many European countries.

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Students' Advisory Services

The Advisory Service provides counselling services to students of all faculties of MU, prospective students and alumni. It offers individual consultations, organizes group meetings, and works with student clubs.

The Advisory Service:

  • advises applicants from secondary schools in choosing their field of study
  • offers study consultations
  • organizes group development programmes
  • organises informational meetings called Prvákoviny(Czech only) which are for future first years who have already been accepted for study

The Students' Advisory Service helps students to cope with academic and personal problems, and helps them to overcome the difficulties and minor life crises of everyday life. The Service conducts surveys in which students assess their studies at the individual faculties of MU. It also asks alumni to fill in a survey, the aim of which is to determine what type of employment MU graduates find in the work market.

For secondary school students the Students' Advisory Service offers testing career and study paths. Do you need help with your future career? Can’t you decide which field to study? Do you need to consult with someone? Send us an e-mail to pcentrum@rectdotmunidotcz and we will contact you and help you solve your dilemma.

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Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

  • advises applicants with disabilities or other special needs when choosing a field of study and on study methods and communication
  • provides pedagogical, psychological, organizational and technical support during the entrance examinations and subsequently during studies
  • is a learning centre for students with disabilities, offering to an extensive degree its own teaching (courses are taught which complement or substitute regular instruction, lifelong learning courses) 
  • by means of a self-study department, it offers students with special needs a range of services including registration, enrolment and continuous monitoring of their studies in the MU Information System
  • operates braille and electronic publishing of educational literature and a national university library for the visually impaired
  • operates a Czech Sign Language interpreting section and a note-taking service
  • provides spatial orientation and mobility training for visually impaired and an assistant service

Like the Students' Advisory Services, the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs helps all applicants and students with disabilities to cope with difficult academic and personal situations. For secondary school students the Centre offers a diagnosis of communication  and study techniques in order to be able to select the appropriate didactic and compensatory technology (including diagnosis of specific learning disabilities) and preparatory courses for entrance examinations conducted with the help of the chosen didactic and communication technologies.

Can’t you decide which field to study due to your specific requirements? Do you need to consult with someone? Send us an e-mail to teiresias@muni.czand we will contact you and try to help you.

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Career Centre

The Masaryk University Career Centre was founded in 2008 as a consultancy and personnel agency for students and graduates of all fields of Masaryk University.Unlike conventional agencies the Career Centre seeks to assist students in particular in the development of their personal and professional skills.

Our main goals are to support:

  • the establishment of contacts between students and potential employers
  • the transition from school to work,
  • the key skills of students for any job

What is offered to students:

  • seminars and workshops focusing on necessary soft skills (the art of communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness, stress management, body language, time management and team work)
  • Personal meetings with employers at the JobChallenge career fair
  • thorough preparation for a job interview
  • career counselling (personal profile analysis, advice for the right choice of career, psychological assessment, preparation for entry into employment, etc.).

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MU Information System

link to a new windowThe MU Information System (IS MU) guides students from the time when they file their application until their graduation (and not only that - IS MU can be used by graduates to maintain contact with their classmates).

IS MU minimizes the use of paper and saves time for students, teachers and staff from the study department. Most operations - registration and course enrolment, timetable creation, applying for examinations, etc. - happen through IS MU without the need to go anywhere and usually even to print anything.

IS MU is used not only for academic records, but also for the studies themselves and for communication between classmates and teachers. A sophisticated e-learning system allows for convenient learning and going over study materials from the comfort of home. As the students are all brought together and able to exchange information, this leads to discussion groups, personal blogs, groups of friends and sharing of interesting links.

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Student Advisors

link to a new windowThe Student Advisors(Czech only) have been providing academic and legal services since 2007. They are MU students who are familiar with the study regulations of the University and individual faculties and who want to use their knowledge and experience to optimize their fellow students’ time at university. They can clarify obscure parts of the regulations and advise on what to do in difficult situations that may arise while studying.

The first place where students go to get advice on their studies is the study department. The student advisors supplement this service, as well as focusing on preventative measures and organizing educational lectures on the duties and rights of students.

The student advisors advise primarily through electronic channels:  e-mail (poradci@munidotcz) or a authenticated link to a new windowDiscussion Group. For more complex cases they are also available in person at the Students' Advisory Services and at the library of the University Campus at Bohunice.

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