Admission appeals

Information about the appeals process

Masaryk University study applicants are entitled to request a review of their acceptance/denial decision concerning their admission to study at the university. The appeal is submitted to the authority that issued the decision – i.e. the Dean of the respective faculty – no later than 30 days upon its receipt. In very exceptional cases, this period may be extended by the Rector. The appeal is reviewed by the Dean of the faculty, who can grant the appeal and change the admission decision; otherwise, the appeal is passed on to the Rector. The Rector appoints a committee to prepare the appeal process; the committee will receive all relevant documents from the faculties, in accordance with the schedule set and approved by the Rector. The Rector changes decisions that are contrary to either law, an MU internal regulation or its part, or conditions set in Article 49 § 1 and 3 of the Higher Education Act of the Czech Republic. Otherwise, the appeal is denied. Decision of the Rector is definitive and cannot be appealed against.

Places of successful applicants who decide to withdraw from studies at MU prior to enrolment are offered to other applicants, based on their rank at the entrance examinations, and regardless of whether they have submitted an appeal. However, it is not an obligation of the Dean to subsequently fill the relinquished places by other applicants. Examples of reasons that will not be considered an acceptable basis for appeal include: great interest in the selected study field; excellent study results at secondary school; previous experience in the selected field; language or other examinations; family tradition; late arrival to the entrance examination; subjective feelings or impressions concerning the entrance examination, etc. Appeals containing requests for a transfer to a different study programme (fields or their combinations), as well as requests for changes of a study form other than the applicant has been admitted to (assuming this form of programme has already been filled with more successful applicants), will not be considered either.

In principle, the applicant is notified of the Rector's decision within ten days – but no longer than 30 days – from the commitee meeting. Dates of the appellate commission meetings can be found in a table below.

Admission procedures are concluded by the Rector upon 31 October of the respective calendar year.

The legal basis of the appeals process

Schedule of the 2016 Appeals Process

The admissions appeals commission of the Rector of MU will be in session from July through August 2016.