Admission appeals

Information about the appeals process

An applicant to Masaryk University can request an appeal of the admissions decision to admit or not to admit. The request is made to the body that made the decision, i.e. the dean, within a time frame of thirty (30) days of receipt of the decision. In completely exceptional circumstances, the Rector can extend the above stated time frame. The Dean of the appropriate Faculty then evaluates the appeals request. The Dean can reverse the admissions decision, or pass the request to the Rector to make a decision. In this case, the Rector would name a commission to review the admissions decision. The Faculty would give to this commission all materials regarding the applicant needed for a review of the admissions process in agreement with the schedule fixed and approved by the Rector. The Rector can change an admissions decision, at odds with the law or the internal statutes of MU or its components, or under the stated conditions outlined under paragraph 49, section 1 and 3 of the Law concerning Universities. Otherwise, the Dean denies the request and affirms the previous admissions decision.

The slots of the applicants who were denied admission are filled by other applicants, notwithstanding the filing of an appeal with the Dean of an unfavorable admissions decision by an unsuccessful applicant. The appeals process does not examine the following reasons: a great interest to study in the chosen field, excellent grades in high school, practical training in the field of study, language and other exams, family legacy, late arrival to the written admissions exam, and subjective feelings and impressions connected with the admissions process, and so on. During the appeals process it is also not possible to accommodate requests for transfer to another program of study, fields of study, or combinations thereof, or requests regarding transfers to other forms of study to which were admitted applicants with better results in turn.

The legal basis of the appeals process

Schedule of the 2014 Appeals Process

The admissions appeals commission of the Rector of MU will be in session from July through August 2014.