Admission procedure

This page gives you general information about entrance exams according to individual types of studies and also links directly on faculty websites with more detailed information. The whole process starts by applying an electronic application, the process is briefly described herein. It is not difficult to fill in an electronic application at all. It simply guides you and just in emergency case a detailed hint is available.
The MU study application will guide you through the admission procedure, facilitating convenient access to all of your data throughout the entire process.

3 basic steps for link to a new windowapplying:

  • Choose a study course

    Firstly browse an offering of studies at Masaryk University in application and then choose your study course.

  • Open and fill an application

    If it is your first application, open entirely a new application. If you have already applied before, the system remembers you and you might open an application in IS.

  • Pay application charge

    When you completely fill in the application and regularly apply for studies the last thing you have to do is to pay a charge for application. If you face any problems regarding payments, contact this email address prihlaska@munidotcz

link to a new windowFrequently asked questions on the process of e-application


Admission procedure

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