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Law of eFinance

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Original title:Law of eFinance
Author:Libor Kyncl
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Citation:KYNCL, Libor. Law of eFinance. In Cyberspace 2010. 2010.Export BibTeX
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booktitle = {Cyberspace 2010},
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Original language:English
Field:Law sciences
Type:Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
Keywords:Law of eFinance;main areas;eBanking;eInvestments;eInsurance;eLoans;ePensions.

This paper was presented by the author in order to start discussion about Law eFinance as a broader area. So far eBanking was considered to be the main area of eFinance. Other significant areas of eFinance regulated by law were explained: eInvestments, eInsurance, eLoans, ePensions etc. Main problems and future questions were outlined.