Recognition of Education Obtained in the Slovak Republic

In accordance with an link to a new windowagreement(Czech only) concluded between the governments of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on mutual recognition of educational documents issued in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Prague, 23 March 2001, No. 33/2001 Coll. of International Treaties), the Czech Republic will automatically (i.e. with no further action) consider all higher education diplomas issued in the Slovak Republic in the period from 1 January 1993 to 22 March 2001 as equivalent to higher education diplomas awarded during this period of time in the Czech Republic.

Given the similarity of both higher education systems and the fact that both countries remain in close contact – in terms of education as well as in other areas – the same guidelines apply to diplomas issued even after 22 March 2001. Moreover, Czech universities and employers generally recognize documents issued by Slovak universities automatically, i.e. with no certificate of equivalence required.

Document holders may, however, submit a Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications application (if so required by a university or employer) to a public university in the Czech Republic implementing a similar curriculum. In such cases, the procedure indicated in the general information section on the recognition of foreign higher education remains fully valid. Due to the similarity of the two languages, no official translation into Czech is required.

Enrolment at Masaryk University

Graduates of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes at foreign universities located in the Slovak Republic are to submit a notarized copy of their diploma on enrolment at Masaryk University.


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