Accommodation and catering

Accommodation at MU Halls of Residence

The Accommodation and Catering Services are tasked with the administration of a total of 10 accommodation locations, some of which provide facilities such as gyms, playing fields, computer rooms, TV and common rooms, table tennis halls and services such as internet access. Detailed information about individual locations is available on the link to a new windowAccommodation and Catering Services website.

Overview of MU halls of residence:

Location Capacity
Klácelova 313
Komárov - bří. Žůrků 479
Komárov - Sladkého 431
Komárov - Lomená 177
Kounicova 580
Mánesova 346
nám. Míru 248
Veveří 70
Vinařská 1,115
Tvrdého 356
Total 4,115

Prices range from 1,500 CZK for places at the least expensive halls of residence (nám. Míru and Klácelova) to 3,000 CZK for the best and most expensive (Vinařská).

Additional Accommodation Options

As a student city, Brno offers a range of additional accommodation options. Rooms in private apartments are affordable, with prices starting at 2,000 CZK per month. Online sources such as the university-operated link to a new only) portal and the IS MU Noticeboard are designed to help students find lodging and advertise vacancies. The offer is extensive and should be able to cover everyone's requirements in terms of location and price range. Closing the deal with the contact person listed in the advertisement should then be a simple matter. As the above mentioned online services require users to be authenticated, they will only be fully functional following enrolment at MU. However, many public housing portals also offer student accommodation.

Accommodation Grant

Students eligible for the accommodation grant will receive support funding regardless of whether they choose to take advantage of university lodging or not. The accommodation grant is disbursed once per semester and generally amounts to over 3,500 CZK.

Accommodation grant eligibility criteria may be found on the Scholarships and bursaries website

Catering Services at MU

ISIC cards, held by all MU students, are chargeable and may be used to purchase meals – at very favourable rates – in any canteen, snack bar or other facility operated by the link to a new windowMU Accommodation and Catering Services.

It is also possible to generate a password for accessing one's link to a new windowboarding account (meal orders, history, etc.) online.

The MU Accommodation and Catering Services operate 3 canteens at various locations around Brno: one is located in the Rector’s Office building at Moravské náměstí, a second at the Faculty of Law and a third on Vinařská Street adjacent to the Faculty of Economics and Administration and Vinařská halls of residence. All three facilities fully support online orders made via the link to a new windowboarding account.

In addition to the canteens, the university also operates 7 snack bars, generally located at individual faculties (FEA, FMed, FSci, Morfo snack bar, Library snack bar, Veveří snack bar and Vinařská snack bar). Most of them offer fresh bakery products in the morning and hot meals at lunchtime. Several additional facilities also offer meals and catering: Na Lávce café, Academic Restaurant (both at UCB) and Pizza Nostra (Kounicova St. halls of residence). All three have convenient opening hours and the Academic Restaurant is even open on weekends.

For more information about MU canteens and snack bars, see the link to a new windowMU Accommodation and Catering Services website.

The university-operated system is supplemented by several independently run cafés belonging to the link to a new windowKrmítko (Czech only) network; these stylish coffee shops are located at the following faculties: FA, FSS, FEA and FEdu. Not only do they provide students with a space for relaxation, they also serve as galleries and venues for a range of cultural events.

Additional Meal Options

Several aggregating websites currently provide overviews of fixed menus served in restaurants at midday. link to a new may well be the most advanced: on entering an address, the system will return a list of fixed meals offered at the nearest restaurants.