1919Classes at the faculty begin, Pavel Ludvík Kučera elected as the first dean
1920Opening of the new building of the Institute of Anatomy (the very first construction for MU) in the area of theoretical institutes on Úvoz Street
1926Founder of the faculty, Edward Babák, dies
1929First honorary doctorate at the faculty awarded to Karel Chodounský 
1930Completion of the new building for the Institute of Forensic Medicine on Lipová Street (today Tvrdého Street)
1933Adjustment of Kuhn factory for the faculty’s requirements – orthopaedic and propaedeutic departments established
1939Classes at the faculty interrupted and most institutes shut down
1943Transition of the Faculty of Medicine departments to under the administration of the Regional Hospital
1944Integration of recently opened faculty Institute of Pathology and Anatomy (the newest one at that time) into the Health Institute of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
1939-1945Eleven teachers (professors, associate professors and assistants) from the faculty perish as a result of direct Nazi persecution
1945Classes at the faculty resume
1945Faculty of Medicine allocated buildings of former German instrumentation (Komenského Square. 2, Joštova Street 10)
1948Within the framework of the post-February purge, 24 students from the faculty expelled (mainly student clubs’ officials)
1948Integration of a four-year pharmaceutical study programme at the Faculty of Medicine (in the years 1952-1960 part of the studies at the autonomous Faculty of Pharmacy of MU)
194921 percent of the student body (457 students from the 2nd – 5th years) expelled due to an initiative to verify student results
1950New organization structure of the faculty – establishment of departments
1951Launch of classes in the field of Dental Medicine
1953Launch of classes in the field of Paediatrics
1953Opening of a new building for the Children's Medical Centre in Černá Pole, Brno
1959Short-term evening classes at the faculty introduced
1969Launch of the construction for the Faculty Hospital in Bohunice, Brno
1989Ceremonial opening of the new 18-storey Faculty Hospital building in Bohunice, Brno
1998Introduction of interdisciplinary master study programme of health studies for bachelor graduates in the fields of optics and optometry, nutrition, nursing care and physical therapy
1998Faculty of Medicine allocated the MEDIPO site
2000Reconstruction of the faculty building on Komensky Square 2 finished
2005Construction of the Integrated Laboratories of Biomedical Technologies (ILBIT) finished