Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Milan Dastych, CSc., MBA

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Completed procedures:

Professorship procedures
Masaryk University faculty carrying the appointment processFaculty of Medicine
Name of the Applicantdoc. MUDr. Milan Dastych, CSc.
Affiliation of the ApplicantFaculty of Medicine
SpecializationMedical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Starting date14. 1. 2008
Evaluation Board
ChairProf. MUDr. Vladimír Palyza, CSc. (MU - Faculty of Medicine)
MembersProf. RNDr. Eva Táborská, CSc. (Theoretical Departments)
prof. MUDr. Racek Jaroslav, DrSc. (Lékařská fakulta UK Plzeň)
Prof. MVDr. Miriam Smutná, CSc. (FVHE VFU Brno)
prof. MUDr. Zima Tomáš, DrSc., MBA (1. LF UK Praha)
Date and time of presentation24. 4. 2008 at 13:00
Faculty Scientific Board session24. 4. 2008
MU Scientific Board session
Current stateappointment process stopped by faculty Scientific Board
Closing date24. 4. 2008