About us

Mendel Museum has been an institution of Masaryk University since 2007. This workplace is located within the precincts of the Augustinian abbey in Old Brno. It aims to promote the legacy of Augustinian abbot G. J. Mendel, who is known primarily for his studies conducted on plants, and in particular peas. However, we should not fail to mention Mendel’s other research in the field of meteorology, or the breeding of bees. Abbot Mendel has become an immortal icon of modern biology owing to his persistence, diligence, and analytical approach to the heredity of peas and other plants. Therefore, he is rightly called the father of genetics. As is often the case, the work of this genius was fully appreciated only after his death.

One of the aims of the museum is to promote Mendel himself’s. Other aims include trying to raise awareness about the fields of study which students as well as applicants for studies at MU may encounter. The interconnection of practical requirements of a museum institution with the theoretical parts of several fields of study makes the Mendel Museum a significant place which interlinks science with practice, academics with the wider public.

The visitor to the museum can visit the permanent exposition, contemporary exhibitions as well as Mendel’s apiary in the abbey’s garden. Besides these, lectures from the “Mendel lectures” cycle, introducing outstanding personalities from the fields of biology, genetics, and molecular biology, will certainly attract those interested in science.

Mendel Museum in Numbers

  • We employ 1 personnel and 45 external assistants.