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This list presents courses whose supervising department is Department of History

Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 100

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De2BK_PVHiAuxiliary Historical Sciences, in Czech
De2KC_PVHAuxiliary Historical Sciences, in Czech
De2RC_PVHAuxiliary Historical Sciences, in Czech
BP_DeBachelor Thesis, in Czech
BP_De2Bachelor Thesis, in Czech
BPd_DeBachelor Thesis - Completion, in Czech
BPp_DeBachelor Thesis - Completion, in Czech
De2MP_BUMOBaroque Art in Perspectives of the Present Historiography, in Czech
De2MP_BKCZBaroque Culture 1, in Czech
Kv2BP_ZDTBases of Dogmatic Theology, in Czech
Kv2BP_ZDT1Bases of Dogmatic Theology 1, in Czech
Kv2BP_ZMT1Bases of Moral Theology 1, in Czech
Kv2BP_BCHPBioethics and charitable pastoral, in Czech
De2MK_KRNOCulture of the Early Modern Times, in Czech
De2MP_CUDECzech Constitutional History, in Czech
De2MP_CEZUCzech Journalistic 20th. Century, in Czech
De2MP_DIRDDidactic aspects of teaching regional history, in Czech
De2MP_DEVTDidactic aspects of teaching the history of science and technology, in Czech
De2MP_DID3Didactic of history 3, in Czech
Kv2MP_DIK1Didactics of Methodology, in Czech
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found: 100 records, displayed 1 - 20