Student Testimonials

Matt Rees (USA)

"Upon my return to the US, I was surprised just at how much I had learned over the course of Masaryk University's two-year program. I was given a great deal of freedom to explore topics in the field I was particularly interested in, and really go in depth when the opportunity presented itself. The professors are excellent, the classes are thorough and relevant, the university support staff is great with making sure all the administrative needs were taken care of, and Brno is a great city to be a student in."

Giorgi Mikeladze (Georgia)

"Being the participant of CESP was outstanding and absolutely unique experience. It was quite a surprise finding myself a part of extremely diverse and interesting society of international students, along with culturally rich spirit of Central Europe. I and all my programmates definitely enjoyed and were pleased with both organizational and educational system of CESP. Moreover, excellent staff members of International Office at Masaryk University was crucial reason for students easily adjusting to new environment and establishing communicating language with hosts. All of us surely acquired useful knowledge and pleasantly unforgettable memories."

Bjoern Jindra (UK)

"CESP offers the appropriate study opportunity for students with almost every academic background at Bachelor or Masters Level interested in the Central and Eastern European region. The program has a wide range of modules covering economics, social science and languages as well as the Arts. Students can flexibly combine modules of their choice offered by other faculties with the CESP. I focused on economic and social aspects and enjoyed being taught by outstanding Czech academics. Teaching methods and material as well as university facilities are modern and up to western standards. I had an excellent semester and enjoyed living in such a driving central-european metropole as Brno."

Vladimir ĐorđevićVladimir Đorđević (Serbia)

"I have been most pleased with the studies at European Politics at Masaryk University in Brno out of several reasons. The conditions of study were on a very high level, teachers have performed excellently and applied method of teaching which I found to be challenging and engaging. I would also point out that students were always resourcefully helped by the Student Officer and given necessary information regarding all spheres of student life. And, last but not least, living in Brno has its wonderful charms - the town has a strong appeal due to its specific historical and cultural developments, its convenient position in the 'heart' of Europe, and most notably, its incredible night-life and a considerable number of young people who come here to study, work or just enjoy. These reasons make European Politics Programme exceptional and a challenge in its own, and have also considerably affected my decision to stay here for PhD studies as well."

Mary Gardiner (USA)

"I love this town. I was worried I wouldn’t — I was worried that I would want to go home. But now that I have become accustomed to tram #1, to the wonderful discotheques, and have met my wonderful professors, I can’t imagine going back to the States. I feel like I’ve found a little piece of heaven here at Masaryk University: I spend the day hours learning about Central European politics, a major interest of mine, and then eat smažený sýr and brambory and palačinky and then have Starobrno (which is the liqueur of the gods compared to American beer). What could be better? Thanks! "

Helene Tretheway (Australia)

"It was absolutely awesome! Probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was a great bunch of people, with some of the best lecturers I’ve ever had, in an amazing location in Europe. The courses were really really interesting. Masaryk is such a cool university. The law school there has almost 5000 students, the facilities there are amazing, it was great! What would you say to someone thinking of doing this program? Don’t hesitate, just do it! It’s something you might not get the chance to do ever again."

Dr. Nalini (India)

"Masaryk University was always an attraction for students from all over the world who are admirers of freedom and democracy. An invitation to do post-doctoral research in such a prestigious university - I was overwhelmed with joy. After reaching Brno, the help rendered by the professors and administrators in every step for acclimatization to the new place was splendid and marvellous, which was further extended by Centre for International Cooperation. I myself am put up in Lektorský dům, wherein people from different parts of the world are accommodated this has given me a wonderful chance to know them in person, learn about their culture and exchange ideas about education, etc., rather than just reading from books or magazines. Furthermore, I find myself in this beautiful city of Brno, which has a rich cultural life and holds a variety of worthwhile sights - the Cathedral on Petrov, the Church of St. James, which is a pearl of Gothic architecture, the Red Church, the towers and walls of Špilberk Castle. I hope and believe that the universities in this city of Brno will definitely attract more and more students from other parts of the world. "

Nhan Chau (Australia)

"The International Law and Human Rights programme at Masaryk University has definitely exceeded my initial expectations. The course was very well structured, in-depth and relevant. The lecturers were absolutely amazing in their academic content and adaptive teaching style. The course has provided me with a more thorough understanding of European Union Law, particularly in regards to human rights and its enforcement. The programme also provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with Czech locals and other Masaryk University students. Highly recommended to those with a thirst for knowledge and adventure."