Prof. PaedDr. Radek Horáček, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Art Education

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Veronika Drobná
  • Marcela Etavard (graduate 2012, topic: Female Taboo in Contemporary Art (The Social and Artistic Context of Femininity in the Work of Contemporary Women Artists))
  • Adam Franc (topic: Look Behind an Image: A Potential of Software Art for Developing Students' Critical Thinking About Software as a Fundamental Tool for Production, Presentation and Reception of Images)
  • Darina Hlinková (graduate 2014, topic: Interpretation of Art to Seniors: Supplementary Museum Educational Program for Seniors 55+ Based on the Principles of Canadian Phototherapy)
  • Kateřina Hrušková
  • Michaela Jezberová (graduate 2012, topic: Space in the Background - Childhood as an autonomous inspiration for artists and its meaning for arts education)
  • Eva Kaličinská
  • Marta Kovářová (graduate 2012, topic: Social digitalisation, digital socialisation. Audiovisual creation and its application in pedagogical practise.)
  • Alice Křížová Stuchlíková (graduate 2012, topic: The Profession of a Gallery Pedagogue)
  • Susan Maly
  • Antonina Pirochtová (graduate 2004)
  • Jana Reichel
  • Martin Reissner (graduate 2012, topic: Czech Illustrations in the Literature for Children and Young People. Resource, Progression’s Aspects, Expressive’s Trends)
  • Irena Rodriguez Točíková
  • Eva Strouhalová
  • Michaela Syrová (graduate 2007, topic: The Inner World of the Abstract Art)
  • Táňa Šedová (graduate 2015, topic: The specifics of public museums of fine art and their role in the process of communication with the public: An outline of the situation in the Czech Republic and its comparison with Austrian and German environments)
  • Kateřina Šmejkalová
  • Jan Zálešák (graduate 2007, topic: Frameworks of Interpretation (Interpretationof pictures in special discourses and art education))