Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Petr Kachlík, Ph.D.

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Completed procedures:

Habilitation procedures
Masaryk University faculty carrying the appointment processFaculty of Education
Name of the ApplicantMUDr. Petr Kachlík, Ph.D.
Affiliation of the ApplicantFaculty of Education
SpecializationSpecial Pedagogy
Habilitation thesis (public part)link to a new windowIncidence of Risk Behavior in Students of Masaryk University and Prevention Possibilities
Starting date11. 11. 2011
Habilitation Board
ChairProf. PhDr. Marie Vítková, CSc. (MU - Faculty of Education)
MembersProf. PhDr. Evžen Řehulka, CSc. (MU - Faculty of Education)
Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Kateřina Vitásková, Ph.D. (UP - Faculty of Education)
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Lea Květoňová, Ph.D. (UK - Faculty of Education)
Assoc. Prof. PaedDr. Petr Franiok, Ph.D. (OU - Faculty of Education)
ReviewersProf. MUDr. Drahoslava Hrubá, CSc. (MU - Faculty of Medicine)
Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Vratislava Černíková, CSc. (Technical University of Liberec - Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education)
Prof. PhDr. Marta Horňáková, Ph.D. (KU in Bratislava - Faculty of Education)
Public lecture time and date10. 1. 2012 at 14:00
Faculty Scientific Board session17. 1. 2012
MU Scientific Board session
Current stateassociate professor appointment
Closing date1. 3. 2012