Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Klára Šeďová, Ph.D.

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Field of study: Education

supervisor of doctoral students

  • Kateřina Lojdová (graduate 2013, topic: Subcultures in Public Pedagogy)
  • Michaela Lukešová (topic: Instructional communication at university)
  • Jana Sedláčková (topic: Parental Support of Children's Reading in First and Second Grade)
  • Zuzana Šalamounová (graduate 2015, topic: Socialisation into school language)
  • Anna Šmardová (topic: Teachers' non-verbal expression of closeness in the classroom)
  • Zuzana Šmideková (topic: Possibilities of using Eye Tracking technology in the investigation of cognitive processes relevant for learning)
  • Jitka Žváčková (topic: Observations at university language centres: A tool for self-reflection and quality of teaching enhancement)