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Pedagogické praxe v systému vzdělávání budoucích učitelů na PdF MU

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Original title:Pedagogické praxe v systému vzdělávání budoucích učitelů na PdF MU
Title in English:Pedagogic practice in system education intending teachers on PdF MU
Author:Jan Šťáva
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Publisher within MU:Faculty of Economics and Administration
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Original language:Czech
Type:Article in Proceedings
Keywords:praxis; internships; projection activities; competitiveness; Lisbon strategy;universities; employement sector

Question theory and praxis in hand teacher is discussed scores of time, however solving isn't till this time corresponding. Dichotomy theory and praxis results from cognitive process, because cognition, knowledge is necessary condition successful act, which start from volition like attainable and desirable possibilities. Cognition, knowledge, explanation and understanding phenomenon is connected with pursuance, reach aims, which displaies like processes interconnected and contingent.