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IX. Studentská konference s biologickou, ekologickou a geologickou tematikou

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Original title:IX. Studentská konference s biologickou, ekologickou a geologickou tematikou
Title in English:IX. Student’s Conference of biologial, ecological and geological themes
Author:Martina Jančová (Ed.)
Information from University Press
Format:148 x 210
Categorization:Biology; Ecology; Geology
Publisher within MU:Faculty of Education
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Type:Editorství tématického sborníku
Keywords:Nature science, skills, attitudes, geology, ecology, botany, zoology, Student Konference, research tools.

Abstracts IX. Biology Department Student Conference is designed as an overview of projects undertaken by students doctoral’s, master’s and bachelor’s program. Teaching qualification’s students major in nature science reported at the IX. Student’s Conference of biologial, ekological and geological themes. Content of this abstract’s collection illustrats the amount of Biology Department‘s solving tasks.