Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education began its operation in autumn 1946. With approximately 6,600 students, it currently offers degrees in Bachelor’s, Master’s, long-cycle Master’s and Doctoral programmes in various fields of humanities and sciences. Besides teaching programmes, the faculty runs studies in special and social education.

Contact information

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Poříčí 623/7
603 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 549 49 1111
Fax: +420 549 49 1620

Detailed information on R&D areas and projects:


Inclusive educationback

Research runs in the field of social determinants of inclusive education, inclusive education in mainstream schools focusing on pupils with emotional/behavioural disorders, social disadvantages, and disabilities; education of gifted and talented pupils, research in specific areas of communication of pupils with special needs focusing on the Czech language, foreign languages, pupils with impaired communication abilities, with learning difficulties. It focuses on issues of school curriculum in teaching pupils with special needs at the first level of primary school and transition from primary to secondary school and transition from school to work.

Selected project solved in this area:


School and healthback

This area includes research of physical, mental, and social health in context of school and education; solution of methodological and methodical questions in the concept of health education and validation of evaluation tools for measuring effectiveness of developing health awareness and responsibility (skills, knowledge, attitudes, perception and evaluation schemes, behaviours, etc.) of a pupil and school as an institution.

Selected project solved in this area:


School educationback

Research in this area focuses on analysing structures, aims, content, processes and effects of school education in the changing economic, social and cultural conditions; theoretical and methodological basis for cross-curricular comparative research in different school subjects.

Selected projects solved in this area:


Social development of personality and multicultural educationback

In this area attention is paid to research of social interactions, education of socially disadvantaged and marginalized groups, values, social development of personality of pupils, crisis intervention and social pathologies; development of primary prevention programs and specific methodological tools for diagnosing and assessing social pathologies.

Selected project solved in this area:


Educational development and innovationsback

In this area, research runs in experimental development of curricular and didactic materials for schools, teachers, and pupils (textbooks, e-learning courses, tests, etc.). Research activities supporting development and application of innovations in schools and other educational institutions are held in the faculty.

Selected project solved in this area:


Collaborative foreign entitiesback

  • Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan [PL]
  • Bradford College [UK]
  • Compultense University of Madrid [ES]
  • Free University Berlin [DE]
  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences [FI]
  • Karazin Kharkiv National University [UA]
  • Malmo University [SE]
  • Medical University of Wroclaw [PL]
  • MGEN Foundation for Public Health, Paris [FR]
  • Mid Sweden University [SE]
  • National Institute for Health Development [HU]
  • Nicoulaus Copernicus University [PL]
  • Plovdiv University [BG]
  • SPI Portuguese Innovation Society [PT]
  • St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education and St. Petersburg Association of Valeologists [RU]
  • Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava [RO]
  • Technical University of Dresden [DE]       
  • The University of Education in Vienna [AT]
  • University College Lillebalt [DK]    
  • University of Antwerp [BE] 
  • University of Aveiro [PT]    
  • University of Crete [GR]    
  • University of Exeter [UK]   
  • University of Graz [AT]      
  • University of Helsinki [FI]
  • University of Jena [DE]      
  • University of Jyväskylä [FI]
  • University of Kiel [DE]       
  • University of Ljubljana [SI] 
  • University of Malta [MT]     
  • University of Minho [PT]     
  • University of Patra [GR]     
  • University of Tartu [EE]
  • University of Udine [IT]
  • University of Vigo [ES]
  • University of Wroclaw [PL]
  • Wright State University [US]