Field of studyLower Secondary School and Language School Teacher Training in English Language

Single-subject studyDouble-subject study
Type of studyfollow-up master's
Language of instruction
Standard length of studies2,0 years
Accrediteduntil 31. 8. 2019
Field of study code7503T138
Degree programme codeN7503
Offered byFaculty of Education

The single-subject study is designed for graduates from the Bachelor’s degree programme Specialization in Pedagogy, the Field of Study Teacher Training in Foreign Languages - English Language, Bachelor’s degree programme Philology, Field of Study English Language and Literature at faculties of Arts, prospectively Bachelor’s degree programme Specialization in Pedagogy, Field of Study Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in English Language and Literature (double-subject study) at faculties of Education, prospectively for graduates from similar Study Fields.
Applicants for Master’s degree programmes ARE OBLIGED to mention in the Electronic Application the name of the university from which they have graduated or are going to complete a Bachelor’s programme, the name of the Bachelor’s degree programme, the name of Bachelor’s field of Study, the date of Bachelor's state examination, and the subjects of the Bachelor’s state examination. Applicants will fill in such details in the section of already created applications under the reference "enter/edit additional text of the applicant”.
Applicants who are scheduled to complete their Bachelor's studies in the year 2010 and do not know at the time of the entrance examinations whether they will complete their Bachelor's studies are allowed to take the entrance examinations. All applicants are admitted to the studies on a conditional basis.
On the appointed day of enrollment in Master’s studies, accepted applicants will submit an authenticated copy of their Bachelor’s diploma and Bachelor’s state examination certificate (the faculty does not return such a copy), on the basis of which they will receive an admission notification to the 1st year of studies in question. Applicants who do not complete their Bachelor’s Studies by the appointed date of enrollment in studies cannot be enrolled in Master’s Studies.

Entrance Examinations and E-Application

No open admission procedure was found.

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