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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3359

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SPAMP_PXS2Teaching Practice 2, in Czech
SPAMP_S4g1Specialization: Special Andragogy of Individuals with Disabilities 1, in Czech
SPAMP_S4g3Specialization: Special Andragogy of Individuals with Disabilities 3, in Czech
SPAMP_SAG1Special Andragogy 1, in Czech
SPAMP_SAG3Special Andragogy 3, in Czech
SPAMP_SNOASnoezelen, in Czech
SPCKC_MSP1Methodology - Lower Primary Schools for Students with Special Needs, in Czech
SPCKC_MTO2Methodology 2, in Czech
SPCKC_PPS2Pathopsychology 2, in Czech
SPDR_AJB1Foreign Language 1, in English
SPDR_CJZ1Foreign Language 1, in Czech
SPDR_CJZ2Foreign Language 2, in Czech
SPDR_FILAPhilosophy of Education, in Czech
SPDR_FJB1Foreign Language B1, in French
SPDR_ISPIndividual Study Plan, in Czech
SPDR_ISPDInclusive Special Education, in Czech
SPDR_MTO1Methodology 1, in Czech
SPDR_MTO2Methodology 2, in Czech
SPDR_NJB1Foreign Language 1, in German
SPDR_OOO1Professional Orientation in the Field of Study 1, in Czech
found: 3359 records, displayed 2321 - 2340