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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term spring 2014 is 3078

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SV4BP_ZSP1Introduction to Special Education 1 Education of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, in Czech
SV4BP_ZSP2Introduction to Special Education 2 Individuals with Disabilities, in Czech
SV4BP_ZSP4Introduction to Special Education 4 - Specific Learning Disabilities, in Czech
SV4BP_ZSP7Education for Children with behavioral difficulties, in Czech
SV4BP_ZZDNIntroduction to medicine, in Czech
SV4MP_2AB2English for Social Educators - D, in English
SV4MP_2NB2German for Social Educators - D, in German
SV4MP_2RB2Russian for social pedagogues D, in Czech
SV4MP_DVSPDrama education in social education, in Czech
SV4MP_EEVEthical and aestethic education (lecture), in Czech
SV4MP_EEVSEthical and aestethic education (seminar), in Czech
SV4MP_ETOPEthopedics (lecture), in Czech
SV4MP_ETOSEthopedics (seminar), in Czech
SV4MP_KOMPComparative pedagogy, in Czech
SV4MP_MAVCManagement of leisure time activities, in Czech
SV4MP_PXContinuous educational and research practice, in Czech
SV4MP_SPTTheories of social pedagogy, in Czech
SV4MP_SPTSTheories of social pedagogy (seminar), in Czech
SV4MP_SVVCSociology of education and leasure time, in Czech
SV4MP_TVSJField research of social events, in Czech
found: 3078 records, displayed 2321 - 2340