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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3368

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HV1MP_LPFolk Songs, in Czech
HV1MP_HPPSMusic Pedagogy, Psyhology and Sociology, in Czech
HV1MP_HNN1Playing an Instrument 1, in Czech
HV1MP_HLV1Voice Education 1, in Czech
HV1MP_HAN1Music Analysis 1, in Czech
HV1MP_HAHarmony 2, in Czech
HV1MP_DI3Didactics of Music Education 3, in Czech
HV1MP_DI1Didactics of Music Education 1, in Czech
HV1MP_DHS1Seminar to Music History1, in Czech
HV1MK_ZSB2Choir Signing 2, in Czech
HV1MK_UHEIntroduction to Music Aesthetics, in Czech
HV1MK_PHModern Popular Music, in Czech
HV1MK_NHNTheory of Musical Instruments, in Czech
HV1MK_NHFTheory of Music Forms, in Czech
HV1MK_LPFolk Songs, in Czech
HV1MK_HPPSMusic Pedagogy, Psyhology and Sociology, in Czech
HV1MK_HNN1Playing an Instrument 1, in Czech
HV1MK_HLV1Voice Education 1, in Czech
HV1MK_HAN1Music Analysis 1, in Czech
HV1MK_HAHarmony, in Czech
found: 3368 records, displayed 2401 - 2420