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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term spring 2014 is 3078

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TE2RC_DT2Methodology - Technical Subjects 2, in Czech
TE2RC_ELTElectrical Engineering, in Czech
TE2RC_HIEHistory of Electronics, in Czech
TE2RC_LEP2Medical Instruments 2, in Czech
TE2RC_MTKMaterials and Technology - Metal, in Czech
TE2RC_PELPracticum - Electrical Engineering, in Czech
TE2RC_PMKPracticum - Materials and Technology - Metal, in Czech
TE2RC_SAZMachines and Equipment, in Czech
TE2RC_SOKMechanical Metalwork, in Czech
TE2RC_TPSComputer Network Technology, in Czech
TE2RC_VT2Applied Computer Technology 2, in Czech
TE2RC_VT4Applied Computer Technology 4, in Czech
TE2RC_ZPThesis, in Czech
TE2RC_ZPGIntroduction to Computer Graphics, in Czech
TEM_VPs2Seminar - Teaching Practice 2, in Czech
TEM_VPx2Teaching Practice 2, in Czech
TV1BP_TVAEConditional physical Training - dance fitnes, aerobics, in Czech
TV1BP_TVFFConditional physical Training-football, floorball, in Czech
TV1BP_TVMAConditional physical Training - Majorette, in Czech
TV1BP_TVVBConditional physical Training-voleyball, basketball, in Czech
found: 3078 records, displayed 2481 - 2500