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Total number of courses taught on the department Faculty of Education in term autumn 2014 is 3369

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SV4BP_KPAPSocial and pedagogical anthropology (lecture), in Czech
SV4BP_KPASSocial and pedagogical anthropology (seminar), in Czech
SV4BP_KZ1UCourse 1 (introduction into leisure time activities), in Czech
SV4BP_METPMethodology of pedagogical research (lecture), in Czech
SV4BP_METSMethodology of pedagogical research (seminar), in Czech
SV4BP_MTDVForum Theatre, in Czech
SV4BP_NEUNeurology, in Czech
SV4BP_OSP1Personality preparation 1, in Czech
SV4BP_OSP3Personality preparation 3, in Czech
SV4BP_PDV1Drama education projects 1, in Czech
SV4BP_POHVMotoric education, in Czech
SV4BP_POKExperimental work, in Czech
SV4BP_PPX2Pedagogical practise 2 (social), in Czech
SV4BP_PrC2Practical activities 2 (natural objects, paper, textile, metal), in Czech
SV4BP_PROJFinal project and implementation, in Czech
SV4BP_PSCHPsychiatry, in Czech
SV4BP_PXSSPractise at Secondary School, in Czech
SV4BP_PXVCPractise at Leisure Time Centre, in Czech
SV4BP_SOCPSociology (lecture), in Czech
SV4BP_SOCSSociology (seminar), in Czech
found: 3369 records, displayed 2481 - 2500